Saturday, July 26, 2008

I got 99 posts but but i aint bitchin in this one

So as I was starting this blog, which initially was going to be about an amazing act of kindness that Charles Barkley bestowed: Paying for his bus boy's tuition.

Well, right as I was about to start, my roommate knocks on my door. My old roommate (he moved out a few months ago) is standing in the hallway, along with a brother, a girlfriend, and a friend.

Well, I have to say, tonight has been a blast. As I type this, they're in the kitchen right now playing two guitars, a tamborine, and congo drums.

Ironically, they're not playing spoons.

I played the tamborine for a couple of songs, but decided that I needed to go to sleep.

In a ploy to get me to stay longer, my roommate improv'd a song about me.

It was funny and had no real content, but it still made me smile.

I love my SF Life, really, i do. This is what I dreamed about when I lived in Hawai'i. Random shit like this happening.

Although I do feel bad for Tobi who is trying to sleep...well all of us for that matter.

my aunt just friended me on facebook.

i dont know how i feel about it.
I mean I'm glad she's on Facebook...and my "friend" now =)

I think what's bugging me is that as a teenager, I felt like the Internet was MY domain (pun intended). Meaning that my mom and dad had no idea what the internet was, just that I spent all my time on it.

I went there to escape, and because of that became really good at computers, especially graphics and animation.

Now that I have family members infiltrating it, I think it's no longer this place of escapism.

I guess on a grander scale, it was never "mine" to begin with. It's not that I don't want to keep in touch with my family, I absolutely do, and without the Internet I wouldn't be able to be in touch with everyone.

It's just that the Internet obviously was much different in '96 when it was the World Wide Web and AOL keywords actually mattered. Like the WHOLE internet was like having your own MySpace group your parents know nothing about.

I wonder what's next? I wonder where teens are escaping into these days.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

An outline of the night: gym then whiskey party

I'm too drunk to make coherent thoughts, so I thought i'd paint the night for you in an outline.

This is a beer bottle around a drunk outline:

This is my outline of the night:

  • I made it to the gym again
    • The Van Ness location is definitely bigger than the Montgomery location, but...stranger.
    • They don't refill the soap enough in the showers.
    • ---They make sure that if it's refilled that the water doesn't work.
    • I played this situation in my head where this bitch came up to me in the
      locker room and said "You're not in shape, why are you here" and then I
      punched her and said "Why the fuck do you think I'm here, bitch". And then I couldn't go to that gym anymore.

  • I got invited to a "whiskey party"
    • Adhering to a diet is rough at said whiskey party, when there is pizza.
    • It's rough to spell "rough" when drunk from whiskey party
    • It is entirely possible to NOT drink whiskey at a whiskey party and stick to
    • When you're the first to leave they make you take a shot of vodka anyway,
      making the situation more uncomfortable fun.
    • There were badass ice spheres. So many dirty jokes were made about "cold balls" or "frozen balls" or "exploding balls" get the picture.
  • The Journey home.
    • I was surprised I made it back exclusively by foot and by public transit. No need for cab when you have the WILL.
    • While walking and drunk, I can still talk to my little sister, and she knows I'm drunk, and I know I'm drunk, and it's all okay.
  • Home
    • My roommates are up, when the trash doesn't need to be taken out, unlike LAST NIGHT.
    • I walk into a clean bathroom, ecstatic, I go to hug my bathroommate, only to find out that this romanian chick he's been hanging out with cleaned it out of fear for deportion oh shit um boredom..the goodness of her heart
    • Blogger has a WYSIWYG editor, and I had no idea.
    • Also, firefox recognizes WYSIWYG as a word, but spellchecks "firefox"

SF Rite of Passage: See the giants actually win!

First Giants game post.

So i went tonight for the second time..again on a whim 'cause a coworker had an extra ticket.

And this time they actually won!!!!!

It was pretty exciting, we arrived during the 5th inning 'cause we were um...preparing with some margaritas.

It was great, we go there, the giants were up 4-3..and then they let go of one..

So in the 8th inning, they got 2 runs, it was pretty exciting. Much better than the last time that ended up getting boring after you realized that they weren't going to win.

Next on the list: going to a game when they have the fireworks. I was a little disappointed that they didn't do the does that work anyway? I thought it was after everytime they win. I was wrong. Maybe it's a sellout + win?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Love is just a chemical equation

No but apparently that's what a couple of businesses are banking on. When you're looking for your soulmate, why rely on silly things like things you have in common, similar values, or chemistry...when you can use ACTUAL chemistry and break it down into science.

Welcome to a Brave New Gattaca..wait. um.. "The Future of Love". (Yeah that sounds safe.)

Discover your "soul mate" on

Actual quotes from the website:

...this formula we will determine the probability for a satisfying and long-lasting romantic relationship between two people.

This probability is highest when two people are genetically compatible.

As Techcrunch reported, they're not the FIRST ones to do it, just the cheapest.

At an introductory rate of $199 for a lifetime's actually much cheaper than something like or eharmony.

If i had money, I'd look at it as an investment. I mean, one day we might have these things on iPhone v. 12.2...where it'll beep when your "soul mate" is walking next to you on Market Street.

That..would actually be pretty dope. I can see it now...
[ext San Francisco 2018]
Girl's iPhone v12.2 starts beeping like crazy.
Guy's iPhone v12.0 (aw sorry..he's behind on his hybrid car payments) starts beeping like crazy.

Girl: "Wow, 85% compatible!"
Guy: "Yeah, that's only 1% less than my ex girlfriend."
Girl: "Um. Yeah I can see your recent dating history right're um..seem to be statistically 'compatible' with big breasted blondes?"
Guy: "Oh, yeah, I kind of gamed the system."
Girl: "Goodbye."

Okay, I don't know why I just went off on that. Oh well, I need to sleep.

Night ya'll!

Monday, July 21, 2008

emo cat.

since i got to go home early due to sickness & lack of voice. all i had to do all day was be emo. I really want this cat to be mine. Kinda reminds me of my sister's cat whom i've adopted. He's pretty emo, but he's his soul.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A whole day without talking

Serious. Okay, so I probably uttered (painfully) about 5 sentences, max.

I've heard of a form of meditation where you don't talk to anyone for a whole day and see what that does to you, and unfortunately I woke up this morning without a choice.

I was hoping to wake up with at least the ability to speak, and when I was awoken by a phone call, I realized I couldn't even say "hello".

Freaked out considering that I have to work tomorrow, and that will be impossible without a voice, I made a conscious effort to not even try to talk today.

Here are some things I discovered about myself and others.

1. Since I don't know the real sign language, I made my own up. Here are some highlights:
- Devil Horns/Rock Hand = "Thank You"
- Middle finger = STFU/Stop teasing the fact that I can't talk/You suck.
- Hands together parallel to mouth- Done/Closed
- Salute = "will do"
- Self-Point = "I'm just like that"/"I agree"/"Give me some tea"
- Tapping of throat = "I can't answer your question, I'm mute right now"

2. People will totally talk themselves into a circle if you don't interrupt them with your own talking. Also, they think that you're bored/ignoring/mad if you don't respond, so I was definitely nodding my head alot.

3. Going to something like a ballet performance is prolly the best social thing you can do, since noone expects you to talk anyway.

4. I thought it was hilarious that these strangers sitting next to us think i'm "quiet" or "shy".

5. My friends are very helpful, like when they ask the waiter if they have honey for my tea for me. Or when they read my mind when I'm thinking "please don't touch my didn't wash your hands".

6. You don't need to talk to dance. Although, I did miss my voice a lot when a song came on the radio that I wanted to belt out...

7. Getting someone else's blackberry to type my thoughts and frustrations out is a fast an efficient way to have a conversation. Writing a "IM" on a piece of paper is anything but instant.

8. My facial expressions are still pretty funny, and apparently I can get a lot across that way.

9. When my friends are talking about vibrators at a coffee shop, my facial expressions are even funnier, since I can't comment.

10. You can't put your foot in your own mouth if you can't talk!

So anyway, yeah freaked out about work, I've drank a lot of tea/hot water..and I'm hoping/praying/going to sacrifice a little cute animal that I can speak when I wake up tomorrow...

SF Rite of Passage: Stern Grove

So I got to go to Stern Grove finally. Here's one of the many snaps I took of Alonzo King's Lines Ballet company's performance. It was pretty amazing, and one of the only times I'll probably be able to snap so many pictures of a professional ballet company without getting escorted out of the venue. They were accompanied by Sax extraordinaire Pharoah Sanders, who got to play with Coltrane back in the day!

Got a pretty sweet hookup for Berna's birthday, got to actually sit in one of the coveted picnic table seats.

I couldn't talk the whole time, and that's in the next blog.

Batman through the ages

Batman vs. Batman vs. Batman vs. The Dark Knight
A pretty cool article from the Los Angeles Times that compares the Batman films in 8 different categories. I agree with most of it. There also aren't any spoilers for The Dark Knight, since this was published before it was released.

I have "lost" my voice again

Well not *lost* 'cause that would be devastating, seeing as it's my money maker.

No, I've actually experienced extreme vocal fatigue.

After googling extensively, apparently it happens to a lot of people who's job it is to talk..i.e. me.

Although this action-packed weekend hasn't helped much.

So i guess it's time to bring out the violin, 'cause it's because I'm having so much fun that my voice is "gone". I'm gonna go back to Thursday to explain..

Thursday day- talk for a living.
Thursday night- Boys Like Girls concert, jumping around and screaming for 2 hours.

Friday day- already feeling the onset of it, but still had to talk for a living.
Friday night- Berna's bday party, loud bar, yelling to have people hear me
Friday late night- Premiere of The Dark Night @ Kabuki, pre-bar talks, "whoo hooing" every now and then during actual movie.

Saturday morning- Went to Santa Cruz (definitely more about this momentous occasion later), rode roller coaster, screamed the entire time, tried to hold it inside, but couldn' my voice was essentially gone at this point.
Saturday day- Walking around santa cruz, talking, tea places on the boardwalk.
Saturday night- finally get some tea...thanks roomie.
Saturday late night- Goth Swing Dance birthday party, had to explain several times that I lost my voice, I'm sure that killed it.

Sunday extreme early morning- drinking tea again...

I'm just going to learn sign language tonight so I can communicate with people tomorrow at a concert i'm going to >.<

Oh man. Let me tell you how much of a relief it is to be communicating through my keyboard right now...

Friday, July 18, 2008

"let's spend tonight on top of the world"

One of my favorite lyrics from Boys Like Girls...and that's what it felt like tonight.

I jumped around and sang along for 2 hours, and I felt like a kid again.

I'm pretty goddamn happy right now. Need to go to sleep. More details to follow.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Today's a winding road...

...tell me where to start and tell me something I don't know"
-Boys Like Girls, Thunder

Most definitely my favorite song.

Who's got two thumbs, a blog, and is excited for this concert?

*this girl*

So found someone to go with the the concerto..this will be the second time this year that I'm dragging someone who doesn't *really* like emo as much as I do to an emo concert.

It occurs to me that I don't really have any emo friends. And then I realized, I never really had any emo or goth friends...i was always of the only ones in the group that dressed like that.

Made me ponder stuff.

But anyway, I'm excited. I'm sleepy and excited!

Too bad good charlotte's going to be there. I mean i have nothing REALLY to hate about them, they were definitely just overplayed all through college...It's weird how they're not the main act...

actually went to the gym today.

pretty proud of myself. To say I haven't been in a long time is an understatement. Let me feed you a few facts so that you understand:

1. My hair wasn't long enough to put into a ponytail. Scratch that, it was, but only on the right side. I have an asymmetrical haircut. (I'm emo like that.)
2. 24 fitness now charges for towels. It's been like that for a month. I paid $1 for a towel and put my purple dye on it. (I'm emo like that)
3. I stood there for a good minute trying to remember what my locker combination was. That fact is not emo, but the lock was METAL! \m/

No more lazy Candice. Gym, bitches!

Everybody Wang chun tonight

After showing Rhett the beauty that is Pen Island/penisLand, he told me of a legend that "wang" became a word for "penis" because Wang Computers were IBM's competitors, and they trashed talked like that.

In the search for evidence:

i can't find any citation on the internet about this wang legend
did my grandpa tell me that ?

your GRANDPA knows what IBM is?!
i can't get mine to hang up the phone at home sot hat it's not off the hook

my grandpa had an early wang in his lab at work


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

omg, Boys Like Girls is coming to Berkeley

One of my favorite bands right now is playing berkeley on thursday...and there's tickets available.

I'm freaking out right now.




I'm crazy. just bought 2 tickets.

I think i found someone to go with. This whole process has made me contemplate things. Like how i Need more emo friends willing to go to an emo concert with me. but ill save that for another blog.

John Oliver RickRolls Jon Stewart

I guess a middle eastern country has perfected the use of photoshop, and John Oliver wonders what would happen if they figured out more stuff on the internets.

What the hell is Rickrolling? Here you go.

Also, I didn't know that Hulu allows you to cut a video into a piece in order to SHARE IT.


I love hulu. So. much.

Monday, July 14, 2008

GDs were on the 3rd floor with us 3D Animators.

Okay i promise this won't turn into a marriedtothesea mirror site, but I just had to put this one up 'cause of Art School.

This is actually more my humor...but the other one's still funny.

What is he even saying?

Thanks to Brendan for this:

You know what's funny, I didn't know what song it was from..I didn't know the name of it. I googled it and went "Oh THAT song"

It's Soulja Boy's Superman

Sunday, July 13, 2008

pee wee says don't do crack

Wow, I don't even remember this commercial.

Found it when someone linked to the "I learned it from watching you!" commercial

wow. Just wow.

chatting with my sister about ironman, [NO Spoilers]

The following chat about ironman is NOT about ironman's plot at all.

In my family, you have to have a sense of humor. Or we disown you.

My sister likes to mention scenes in movies that are not really in the movie to see the look on people's faces when they try to remember doesn't work on family. We just keep it going.
She had posted this a long time ago (the day it happened I think) and I only just realized she put it up.

I had gone to the midnight showing of ironman (meaning i had only left the theater about 6 hours before this chat started).

This was the screenshot on her end (happily censored names..I'm the one that begins with "r" and she's the one that begins with "g". No, my name is NOT 'rezurwreck')

She still hasn't seen the movie yet. Baby and all.

It is worth noting that I kinda want to write a movie that has all those plot elements.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

i hella [hearted] oakland tonight.

And by "Heart" I don't mean the smooth 'don't worry baby this won't hurt' kind. I mean i hearted the SHIT out of oakland tonight. What that really means, I don't know, I leave it to your imagination.
It was really random. I was at my friend's place thinking I was just having a low key dinner night. She kept mentioning this Best of the East Bay event going on at the California Museum in Downtown Oakland, I thought it was just an art event, so I said "sure why not"

and next thing we know we're crossing the bay bridge.

It was AMAZING. We drove past looking for parking, and there was a band outside. I thought, "Oh wow, I didn't know it was going to be a big enough event for a band"
So after finding parking, we walk past the band and into the event area. The girl letting people in recognized berna and I from a certain social networking site, and I was surprised at first since I don't always assume that someone knows me (I assume someone should know me, but I don't assume that they ACTUALLY know me, I'm humble).

So anyway, we walk in, go down this quiet little hallway thinking "oh well this isn't that much but it's cute--"
Thought interrupted by the bass.

Me:"What the"
Berna: "Holy shit"

I turn to my left, to the source of the majestic bass sound. Techno is funneling through the little turn.

Purple. Blue. Red. Purp Purp Purp Red Red Blue.
Lights coloring the end of the hallway, beckoning me and berna to come and see.

We walk through, and it opens up into this massive museum garden.

The first thing I thought was that it was like Pride but without the massive crowds and at night in Oakland...meaning it wasn't hot like a day fair and not freezing like SF is now.

It was awesome. A DJ was spinning along with these great light mixes.
I turn to my right, a girl drops quickly 100 feet fromt he sky, stopped only by red fabric that she's twirled between her legs. Young circus acts.

Vendors, Live Graffiti artists, painted newspaper boxes, live tshirt printing was amazing.

AND i got to say I did the following things tonight:

1. Danced to techno in the open air without a hoodie. Noone else really knew how to dance to it. I had to show them. Reminded me of the old skul Hawai'i Raves.
2. Skanked to a SKA BAND. Yes people, you read right, I skanked. I skanked for an outdoor concert. It has to be at least 10 years since the last time I did that. Noone else knew how to do that, I also had to show them that.
3. Watched a triple female rap act, that included one filipina rapper. She did a whole song in Tagalog. She called for all the filipinos to come on stage, I almost did. It's a good thing I was too far back and lazy. I would have had to show them how that was done too.
4. Got to watch a legendary punk band by the name of Flipper totally lose their cool on stage. The singer freaked out and left a song early. The best part was that the Original Bassist from Nirvana was also the bassist for this he closed the night by playing some Nirvana riffs. I GOT TO SEE THE NIRVANA BASSIST PLAY LIVE FOR FREE.

That in itself was awesome...but the entire night was awesome. And it was for free.

I love you, God.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Un-domesticated kitty.

I'm referring to myself. I'm here at my friend's place, we're about to eat dinner. We went to the japanese market and are going to enjoy some good homemade japanese foods. Last time I came I even did the dishes.
At home afterwards, after having told my roommates what I had done that night, one of them comments that "You don't even cook here and you live here. I didn't know you cooked."

Which is interesting. I'm the only female in the house, and I don't really cook there. I can cook, I actually like cooking, but I just have no time. On the other hand, my guy roommates all cook meals at least once a day, and one of them even makes *me* breakfast every now and then.

So tonight I signed onto facebook and popped up the status "Candice only gets domestic at other people's homes" is absolutely true. I only get into the "ooh let's cook stuff" mode when I'm here. I only get into the "I love babies" mode when I'm at my sister's house (granted, my niece is like the coolest kid you'll ever meet. Or at least I like to think I'm gonna help her become the coolest)

Anyway, random thoughts and ranting of a very hungry person.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Video Flashback: Lostprophets, Incubus

These songs aren't that old but they definitely remind me of a different period of my life.

I was just feeling these two songs. I think maybe i want to scream? not sure why.

Lost Prophets - Rooftops

Standing on the rooftops
Waiting till the bombs drop
This is all we got now
Scream until your heart stops
Never gonna regret
Watching every sunset
Listen to your heartbeat
All the love that we found

This song came on pandora tonight and I love the lyrics to this song. I think it's just that it makes me want to get on a roof overlooking a city and scream with my eyes closed. Not so that anyone can hear me, but to get it all out.

Come to think of it there are a lot of songs that make me want to get out and scream.

[[And then that reminded me of this video, one of my favorite Incubus songs and one of the more creative videos. Doesn't hurt that Brandon Boyd was a high school crush of mine...*ahem*


I suggest we
learn to love ourselves
before it's made illegal

Love that lyric.]]

Late night EDIT:
So I think I was also thinking of this Lostprophets song. So i guess you get a lostprophet/incubus sandwich.

Lost Prophets - Last Train Home
But we sing
If we're going nowhere
Yeah we sing
If it's not enough
And we sing
Sing without a reason
To ever fall in love

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

post work function again

here it goes again.

work pays for drinking too much
. not that i'm complaining.

Now that i'm on a different team, I get invited to more outings it seems. and by outings i mean i'm drinking for free.

A while ago i decided to only drink when it was free for me (well if someone buys me a drink at a bar i try to buy them a drink back at least)..

I'm talking like only drinking at parties with open bars or events or what have you.

Well it was spost to get me to save money and drink less..

but I feel like i'm drinking MORE now.

Take tonight for instance, invited to another team building party, where there was free wine. They asked my preference in white or red..i said red, everyone else was drinking white.

I'm pretty sure everyone else was either drinking beer or white wine the whole night...and i'm pretty sure that bottle was empty at the end of the night.

You do the math. I'm not 100% positive but i have a feeling of what i did.

I don't know if i want to sleep, draw, or clean my room right now.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Reinventing Racial Slurs

its aparently a game called fruits basket
and its similar to red rover
i guess the last person called is a rice ball and they are the outsider
....if we were playing...YOU would be the rice ball
is that some kinda racial thing?

inaugural IM blog. inspired by stolen from my friend wonlove.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

blind dates?

(sorry couldn't resist popping up the at first sight picture)

Okay, pardon me for the pun, but I'm talking about dating a visually impaired person.

I was heading home from Caltrain tonight on the Dirty8 Geary, and this cute guy comes on with a guide dog and shades (at night).

I was kinda checking him out, and then it occurred to me that he might be faking it just to get his dog on the bus, so i stopped looking at him.

But my mind was reeling already, at the thought of dating someone who was visually impaired..

Here are my thoughts.

1. Would I be insecure in dating someone that couldn't see me? Meaning would I wonder if other people were wondering if I wasn't good looking enough for someone who could *see* me? Kinda pathetic but this is my thought process.

2. I'm an artist, and it would make me sad to be with someone who couldn't fully appreciate something I created. I've dated a couple of color-blind people (3 come to think of it...that seems unusually high..wonder if i attract color blindness) and my art has always been changed by them, meaning I made it more contrasting so that they could see it.

3. After observing him drumming on his knees..and observing that he actually had rhythm, I pondered what it would be like to jam with a blind drummer. I actually think that would RULE. Drummers are hot no matter what. Dated a few of those too (4..i think..if bongo drummers count too...that also seems unusually high. I have dated 1 color-blind drummer..).

4. If I were to hit on a blind guy on a bus, what the hell would he and the other passengers think about this girl that has to hit on a blind guy..on a bus. I then pondered if:

5. Random weird ugly people hit on blind people all the time.

You know, if I just hadn't forgotten my ipod at my sister's house, I wouldn't have had all this goddamn time to think on the bus.

back from LA

and let me simply state.


I belong *here*. not *there*

I don't even know what it is, but the vibe is just

Ah. I missed you, SF.

Okay so i'm probably blogging a couple more things after this anyway, just wanted to get that out.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Well I've been wanting to blog since i've been here so you're getting a bunch now.

i'm here in Eagle Rock (just outside of LA) and i swear to god there's some yapping right now that does NOT sound like a normal dog. I think it's a coyote. It's traveling pretty fast too...not coming from the same yard.

Yeah. that's different.

can't find the tilde.

No seriously. I'm on this computer that my dad bought, and it's um..

I don't know where the tilde is and it's kinda driving me insane. I don't even use it that much but when you need it you kinda NEED it.

alright back to our regularly scheduled program.

Friday, July 4, 2008

in Los Angeles

I spent more quality one on one time with my dad today than I have in the last 7 years COMBINED.

I'm growing up i think.

SO anyway I've checked out the used laptop he bought and have just installed the wireless USB adapter. That's how I'm blogging right now.

Currently there's a band playing downstairs, I got to perform earlier in front of the party, it was pretty neat.

It's crazy hot down here, further making me a mainlander that I think 88 is unbearable...

Okay back to the party. Just wanted to leave this note.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


have you ever had a hangover at the END of your drunkeness? Not fair, this is

oh man. Work is too kind, and by too kind i mean they take me out on the occasional happy hour where i drink pomegranate mojitos like they're going out of style.

I think they are going out of style, right?

ow. I've had this happen to me once before, where i started feeling hungover while I was still drunk. not cool.

maybe i have a problem..

nah think about that later.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mute Math Drummer rippin it up

Okay so I'm very aware that this isn't the "most amazing drumming" ever. I'm aware.

I still think he's uber hawt. I'm not sure, I think it's 'cause I was a bassist but we're bred to get along with drummers.


Relationship Status: Married

No, I didn't get married, no, I'm not engaged, and NO I'm not planning to anytime soon.

So all of these people are finding me on Facebook from High School and college. I'm talking people I haven't seen in 8 years in some cases.

I'm thinking to myself, I finally moved to a big city, and am having the time of my life having roommates, going out and getting crazy, working my ass off and yadda yadda yadda.

Why the influx of people that are married? Why are they all on facebook and suddenly want to be my friend?

It's kinda like this volcano of people that are successful in relationships. I've been moving away from that volcano, and BOOM it erupts and they all get in touch with me.

I think it's an optical illusion..I think that I haven't hung out with these people..for some reason I gravitated towards cyclical single people. I'm one of these. You know the type...when they're single they're SINGLE. When they're in a relationship they're MIA for a bit and then return. If they settle down with someone for more than a few months than the person they're with is either one of the coolest people on the planet or some dipshit that you keep warning them about. There are no in betweens.
So these people that I have had NO contact with in YEARS suddenly are married. And not just married..oh no..that'd be too easy! They have spawn. SPAWN. I'm talking some people that are younger than me...have kids.

And why is it that my most hardcore of goth friends had kids first. Not the "Whoops accidentally got pregnant when practicing S&M" type. No, I'm talking "Got married to a military guy, stopped wearing black altogether and now have a cute baby" kind.

Don't get me wrong, I love kids. I love my niece so much I just keep talking about her and have pictures on my desk. That doesn't mean I'm aiming to be a mom by the time I hit 27. If it happens it happens but if it don't i'm not devastated.

Does anyone else feel this way? Does anyone else think that it was all the hardcore "alternative" kids that settled faster? The hip hop kids too come to think of it.

The only ones that I'm noticing that are still out there singlefying are the Theatre Kids (whoop whoop) and the Computer Dorks (whoop whoop!).

Goth kids, all gone. Babies. =( I'll bleed for you. (//.-)

And why are my sober posts weirder than my drunk posts...