Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Doc Martens Last Forever.

So I finally treated myself to a nice pair of expensive shoes. Keep in mind, I normally wear $20 Vans Shoes that last me 3 years.

I've always wanted a pair of Doc Martens, I bought a used pair in HS but it ended up fitting so badly that I ditched them (hello, they were someone else's...but they were also only $20...)

I now own a pair of 1460 Greasy Black Doc Martens. they make my feet look big and I've debated sending them back.

I've shown them to 2 of my roommates with great response, so i'm prolly keeping them. Also, it's going to make me wear dresses more..I bought them to wear with dresses =)
So one of the roomies asked "Why Doc Martens?" in a curious way. I think it's definitely a certain look, and it's something that I've found I don't want a fake one..does that make sense? I dno. At least I know I won't have to replace them (hopefully) soon.

And then I ran into this:Ads that were banned because they used dead rock stars

Kinda brilliant, no?

and THEN the homage to these shoes:
Designers redesign the 1460s

The more i look this up the more excited about these i get. ^_^

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Punch Out




One of my favorite video games as a kid...I love marketing techniques like this!!!

If i had the money i'd be buying a wii just for this. I love how they're keeping a lot of the same characters and also the same style...

Although i *highly* doubt mike tyson's going to be in it.

Absolutely love how Doc is saying all the same things "I don't know what that means.."