Friday, November 16, 2007

hayes valley

hayes valley is enchanting.

I'd only ever really been here in the daytime, and that time was really just walking through during B2B.

I arrived about 30 minutes early for my oxenrose appointment, and decided to just hang out at a coffee shop.

There's this network called FreeNet...SF's free wifi? Amazing. I wonder if someone's hacking all my passwords now because of it.

Nah, I'm assuming they're tooo lazy.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Eating Out shouldn't mean eating out side.

I still don't get this mainland tendency to eat "outside"
i really don't.
especially when people pay to eat outside
that irks me
in hawai'i i didn't pay to eat outside, i coulda got some take out and done that
i ain't gonna TIP you for making me sit in the SUN
I want AC goddammit!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Fillmore virgin voyage

went and saw this band called Architecture in Helinski due to major peer pressure from rest of sales staff. after making myself go to the gym, met up with them and jesus christ iw as amaxzing.

I had like a wine at the rest before hand, and had 2 grey goose vodkas. i'm pretty sure i've texted both my friend rhett who was AT THE CONCERT and my little sister in hawaii a simple text: "DRUNK" all caps too.

jesus i'm drunk right now,a nd i was spsot to be recuperating. life is strange dudes.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Candice is so shady...

When God said "Let there be light" he asked Candice to not be so fucking shady.

she has her whole family convinced that she's the nice one.

Monday, October 29, 2007

living with non-germaphobes

I actually just did something I'd never done before.

I labeled my toothpaste...

No Castro on Halloween

Crazy. Go figure, the first halloween i have away from home, and potentially the first one I coulda had on the mainland..

no major party.

crazy huh?

i spent the weekend chillin with friends anyway, so i guess i moved to the city to be low key.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

my personal quote for the day.

I just typed this to my friend:

"i like to make sure people feel worse about themselves after interacting with me."

sometimes I surprise myself with what i come up with.

Monday, October 22, 2007

oh it's getting cold.

It's getting cold.

Methinks i don't really know what "cold" is yet...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Get Hyphy wit it.

so I just learned that "hyphy" was a combination of "Hyper" and "Fly".

I should upload the picture of "Hyphy pizza" you can get here.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bart thought.


The worst realization to have while sitting on BART.

"They don't actually....wash the they."

Funny how much denial your brain can be in for a couple of months.

"I'm sure they clean these seats. I mean just because I don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen"

Turned into

"So they walk up and down the aisles and pick up paper. I hope that's not all they do."

Which eventually, after a couple of months, has finally turned into.

"No. They don't actually wash the seats."

and then

"Now I know why that guy stands all the way from Millbrae to the East Bay."

Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patrick's Day, SF thoughts

I've heard this enough online and in person to realize that this is a common perception of St. Patrick's Day out here:

It's amateur hour.

Meaning the kids that aren't used to drinking come out and decide to go way past wasted, way past hammered, into possibly going to get arrested drunk.

And I thought to myself.

And i'm thinking...

That's just Waikiki when the ships are in.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

SF lingo --> Pidgin, part 2: "Da Kine Fashion Edition"

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

SF Parties is to St Patricks Day, as Hawai'i Parties are to New Year's.

Meaning, that here, everyone parties on St. Patrick's Day, but it's quiet on New Year's.
All anyone really does in Hawai'i is where green Aloha shirts on St. Patrick's Day, but you can't find your own house on New Year's until the wind starts blowing.

65degrees out::
"Ho, BUGGAH Cold, lidat!!! We need for go Shiro's!" (Wear: Long pants,closed shoes, warm hoodie, beanies, etc)

San Francisco:
"Holy sh*t, the Sun's out!!! Let's go to Zeitgeist!" (Wear: Summer dresses, Tshirts, shorts, tank tops, flip flops, etc)

SF Lingo = Pidgin (Hawaiian Creole English)

flip flops = slippahs
Shower shoes = slippahs
Thongs = slippahs
Slippers = do's fuzzy bunny slippah shoes, lidat

Hawaiian Shirt = Da kine Aloha Shirt, brah
Casual Friday = Aloha Friday
Appropriate Business Men's shirt=Aloha Shirt

Striped shirts(chode wear) = Striped shirts(military wear)

SF lingo --> Pidgin, part 1: About the town Edition

So this is an idea i've been thinking about alot when i'm on BART.

This is mainly for my hawai'i friends, so that they know what i'm saying when i start picking up more and more sf lingo.

SF Lingo = Pidgin

"He's a Chode" = "Ho! He stay one military fukah"
"Marina chode" = "Fukin' Haole"
"He's kinda skeevy"=" "Eh, dat military punk stay mackin on yer wahine, brah!"

"You got a BART/Muni schedule?"="Wen da' bus stay comin'?"
"Does that have any trans fat in it?"="Can get all rice 'stead of mac salad?"

st patty's day eve

This is what I love about the city. There's always something going on.

Jess & I went to get some cheap mexican food for dinner.

-Small little interjection here. I love mexican food. I've never really had this great type of
fast mexican food before. A burrito in SF is really just a shitload of ingredients in a fajita.
They SURE shove it in there. Shove it.

I digress. So he shows me the hyatt. Absofukinlutely beautiful.
I spend a lot of time just taking pics of that.

And then we're walking back to BART, when I hear this band. I tried to ignore it at first, but the sound of it meant it was outside...i kept trying to triangulate wtf it was coming from.

We finally give into curiosity, and walk towards it.

St. Paddy's St Party.

Jess high fives me, this harkins back to the days of walking around and having random stuff happen, which is even harder in hawaii.

There was an awesome band, lots of drunk white people.

I checkd out the stand of cool green things to buy. There was a rubber duckie.

I couldn't say no.

Say hello to "Lil' Paddy" everyone!

And here's where blogger truly begins.

Thanks for sitting through that. I give you an internet cookie. HA! see that? full of bad geek puns.

So this blog is gonna be a mix of randomness. Hence the name.

it's my first full year as a californian. I'm freaking out about things you probably think is normal everyday.

I still find myself getting giddy with seeing my own breath.

More to come. Stay tuned.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Feb 2007

Kind of a slow month for myspace blogging, due to the fact that I had started my permanent job.

Most of the posts consist of

"I FUCKIN LOVE MY JOB" in one form or another.

Some more refined than others.

Later, more about how cool they are. And how we have happy hours in the office after closing on friday.

seeeeeeeeeeeeveral posts about how I'm drunk at work right now.

My quest for snow: Jan 06, 2007

So if you don't really know me, then you don't know that I've never touched snow. I've never been within 1 mile of it (i've seen it on mountaintops in the distance)

well...tonight ladies and gentlemen and in betweens, I have come closer then ever before.

I'm in LA right now...and while LA doesn't have snow (trust me you'd be hearing from me on the phone freaking out) the drive here goes through this mountain pass that does have snow.

So people, I have been in a car on the freeway driving through mountains that have snow.

That is the new level I have to beat.

I think it beats seeing "possible snow leftover sludge" on the top of Mauna Kea. THat was so pathetic. I think maybe someone dropped their shave ice...but it was so cold up there who would eat shave ice...oh yeah..tourists.

ANYWAY I'm in LA right now. It's pretty cold everywhere. My cousin drove us out here. It was weird driving for six hours straight and not seeing any ocean or you know...your house again.

and with that i bid you adieu!

On new years eve, I look back at what 2006 gave me.

Ah 2006, how I love thee. You were pretty good to me, I can't complain.

The new year started with me almost getting hit in the head with an aerial, what a way to start the new year eh?

Here are the highlights:

January saw me exploring fun new options for the new year

Febuary-April, Jacqui & I got to work on a Television show.

April: Ordered my new laptop.

May-June: Spent 3 awesome weeks in San Francisco.
- Explored!
- Decided to move to SF later that year
- Got into grad school

June: Went to Molokai, fought off huge ants, made money, & ate awesome bread.
July: Party at rob & adj! and yes, there was a tape outline of me on the floor. seriously
Overall, the Summer of 2006 was the summer of totally KICKASS concerts!!!! I can't even remember all of them...Band Camp: Saw Hoobastank for an intimate free show prior, got their autographs, saw Rock Kills Kid, & The Fray. Hot Hot Heat was there too but hey...can't be perfect.
Erykah Badu, Hawthorne Heights..........Bayfest: Staind and then some country band the next night.

Sept: Ooh, missed my first personal deadline of when I wanted to move to SF due to many issues. But, I started my first MBA class online.

Oct: what took over my month?? POETRY baby. JUSTAPOSITION baby!!!! I don't' even remember much else from that month, just lotsa writing and practicing, and ...thanks to everyone who came to that it was so awesome of you guys i luv ya. First time I sang with acoustic guitar in public.
Halloween!!!! More poetry !!! Yay drinking & poetry in costumes!

Nov: The madness of moving begins. Resumes sent out in droves.
Late November: I got to feature in Re:Verses. Wrote new poem for show. awesome!
Fun party at Rob & Adj's!
Mostly stressing about leaving and TRYING (but failing miserably) to see all of my friends.

December was split into:
1st week: Hella stressful, but nice going away party. Thanks to everyone and I am working on the green screen!
2nd week: Arrive in SF. 2 Interviews.
3rd Week: 8 interviews (mostly follow-up interviews)...scored 2 jobs!
4th week: Turned 24. In it now. Lotsa eating out, cleanin up, playing BULLY..(my birthday gift to myself)

I feel like I've been in san fran for more than 3 weeks, I can't believe it's only been about 3 weeks, that's crazy...

Hawaii Kids: I miss you guys like crazy. Please blow up some random things for me because it's illegal out here.

Bay Area Kids: Thanks for hanging out with me so far. There's still more drunkeness to be had!

Thanks 2006, you were awesome. I can only hope that 2007 will be even better.

..and then i started noticing the earthquake threads.

People on yelp ( were talking about feeling an earthquake. I was south of the
bay, this was east of the bay in berkely. They're saying it was about 4 on that lil chart.

I didn't feel it. I was in Trader Joe's (awesome place btw) and may have mistaken the VERY slight shake it would have been by the time it got here as someone hitting my cart with one of their healthful yet delicious treat-filled cart.

But i digress. So anyway, what compelled me to write this blog tonight was the fact that someone on yelp pointed to a website that shows all of the earthquakes.

Um. There's a lot of fuking spots on that map.
Like, this is normal.

Don't get me wrong, i knew it was normalish. But this kinda puts it in perspective, you know?

...i discovered frost on Dec 19, 2006

Good morning world! Good morning to new job!!!

Ew, slightly late in the waking up department.

I get ready. Everything seems normal.

What's that older sister? "Frost"? What's that?
I'm sure if i start up the car a couple minutes it should warm up.

I walk out. Hey it's cold.
Like really cold.

What's that older sister? "Global warming? Not ususally this cold?"

hey.......why's my car white?'s like the inside of the Costco freezer.


Hey...that's a layer of ICE on my windshield....and my rearwindow...and my side windows...and my mirrors....

After pouring water on it (wow, that worked wonders)...

I began my day.

And seriously, work was cool and all (i mean i have my OWN friggin office with a WINDOW. A WINDOW. yeah it has a view. I can see EA. As in Electronic Arts. Yeah these pretty trees and garden are kinda in the way but i can see EA!)

but i dont think the whole day of work was as exciting as the frost on my car.
exciting as in woke me up.

What I learned on Dec 17th, 2006

* San Rafael & San Mateo are pretty damn far away from each other. The map makes it look like it's a lot closer.

* Apparantly, when the taxixcabs needed to pick a model/make of a car, they decided that the EXACT model/make and maybe even year would be the same as the Honolulu Police Dept cars. The unwanted result? Candice freaking out EVERY SINGLE TIME A CAB DRIVES NEXT TO HER.

* Oh and I finally saw the ending of 50 first dates. I never could finish that movie due to watching it at someone else's house and then needing to leave.

* When it's hot & humid in Hawaii, you don't want to do things. You want to just stay at home and hang out and maybe get some stuff done at home but you dont want to leave. When it's cooooooold here, I can't FUNCTION. I can't sleep. I'm not hungry. I waste a friggin day. ITS COLD.

* California streets are not labeled well. If they are, a tree branch is covering the name.

What I learned on Dec 16th, 2006

16:: I'm addicted to Yahoo Answers & Yelp.

LIST alert!
What i've learned in the 9 days i've been in the Bay Area after living in hawaii.

* 70degrees is what we set the HEATER to, not the air conditioner. that makes me unhappy that that is the definition of nice and toasty.

* Trains are awesome. I am now an avid supporter of rail in hawaii.

* Trains are also where you use those supressed profiling skills that you build up on the bus. Cmon you know what i'm talkin about. You sit next to the person who seems least likely to make you want to shoot yourself in the head. Also, the person least likely to make you throw up because of their smell. Now you understand 'cause you just visualized that. Sorry.

* Do NOT pick up cats quickly if they're nervous-like. They have claws that dig into skin. You will bleed.

* Staffing agencies rock if used properly.

* Worrying about how can you shove as many follow-up interviews in one day is an awesome worry.

* I'm not the tall one anymore.

* Scarves are not just for fashion. Did you know that? You need those suckers.

* Navigation tools in phones rule. I look like i know this place.

* The myth that Hawaii drivers are REALLY bad compared to Cali, not true. They dont know how to signal or yield here either.

* Invest in a well-made, good fitting suit.

* Parking in easy compared to parking in SFcity.

* I type 95 wpm and know this is a fact 'cause i took a test.

* The only asian food grocery store only has li hing mui seeds. and they suck compared to the ones in hawaii. (haha no pun intended, okay i left it in so i guess it's intentional now)

* The space next to outdoor heaters is valuable. Claim it like territory.

* Talking about how you're from hawaii never hurts in an interview. In fact it's helped each time.

now i attempt to sleep. More like this later. I might start a blog just kinda devoted to this *ShrugS*

:::::SIDENOTE::::: looks like i actually did do it, huh?

beginning of the beginning, ie, my myspace blog excerpts

The following is my journey. Summarized horribly.

01:: Shouldn't I be packing? Why am I myspacing?
I'm anxious/excited/scared/happy/sad all at the same time.

13:: I should make my MySpace private. My full name is on resumes. Potential bosses could
check it out.

Well, hello, blogger!

I moved from the leeward side of O'ahu to San Francisco in the beginning of December '06.

While it wasn't the first time i've left the islands, it was the first time I actually MOVED from the islands.

I should have been blogging from the beginning, and actually have been leaving tidbits of information on my MySpace blog. Hey, before that, it was a livejournal. remember livejournal???? When you had to get an invitation just to start one?? Wow.

Anyway, I'm loving San Francisco. I'm loving California. I'm loving life.

What's this blog for? Well. I'm not entirely sure. We'll see. I'll be posting some archives from my myspace. You can see the funny random quotes.

Well hopefully.