Sunday, December 14, 2008

What shade are we talking about here?

Preface & disclaimer:
I got nothin but love for my white brothas and sistas. Love ya'll.
"white" isn't a's a state of mind....*ahem*

we definitely have to go to Sonoma one of these days
candice: yes mam!
Bernadette: but i dunno if you'd like it
Bernadette: do you like wine tasting?
candice: oh
candice: wait
candice: i like wine
candice: i have never been to sonoma
candice: so i'm down
candice: dude. so down
Bernadette: yeah but sonoma on the square is super umm...
candice: umm
Bernadette: what's the word
candice: white?
Bernadette: ha
candice: ...
Bernadette: yeah
candice: guessing here
candice: wait
Bernadette: whiter.
candice: zomggggggggg
Bernadette: have you ever been to Carmel?
candice: no.
cancun white?
Bernadette: or Santa Barbara?
candice: HEHEH
Bernadette: or.....Irvine?
candice: oh jesus
Bernadette: Newport Beach?
candice: no
candice: but you're painting a better picture
candice: no i've heard legends of these people
Bernadette: Sonoma is not as chic as Newport though
candice: like i feel really brown white?
Bernadette: YES
candice: (hahah)
Bernadette: Bella and I were like the only Asian people for miles.
candice: wow

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bay Area Rite of Passage: Warriors Game

!!! My first NBA Game EVAR (living on the mainland has its perks)...and this time I actually got to sit in a box for free =) (having a roomie with perks is its own perk)

Too bad they lost. Although I did get to see Yao Min kick their ass, which was pretty cool.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

holy shit.

I just got locked out of my bedroom for an hour and a half wearing nothing but a bathrobe. My room's not supposed to lock unless you do it when it's closed.

I guess it was half-locked and when i closed the door, either the heater or something made the door slam shut and when I came out of the shower my door was locked.

At first I was hoping it was a joke...maybe my roommate had the key the whole time?

Nope, it was locked.

After an hour and a half and the use of my other roommate's tools, they got it open. I was starting to get pissed at myself at the idea of wasting $80 to get it fixed.

Now I want to just replace the lock. Apparently they had to lock their doors before when they had shady roommates.

Thank goodness I'm back in my room. I know it's a small problem compared to a lot of other things, and i'm glad I'm not locked out of the apartment..but I have to admit, hearing the door open and seeing the light coming through the doorway was one of the best feelings.

Kinda like the jingle of your keys in your purse when you thought you lost them.

my birthday in a nutshell

My co-worker/friend sent me this e-card, and it actually made me LOL


Thursday, December 4, 2008

My application to be a roommate

My roommate found this in his inbox and sent it to me today. Gawd I'm a dork.


I'm very interested in seeing the room you have available for rent here:

My name is Candice. I work full time for an established web company in SOMA that I am absolutely in love with, and am currently pursuing an MBA in Marketing.

However I'm also an avid artist, I graduated from the University of Hawai'i with a degree in computer animation; I draw, paint, sculpt (metal and glass), I play the bass guitar, and was very active in the poetry circle in Hawai'i.

I moved here last year, currently live in San Mateo, and am looking to move closer to school and work in the city.

I will be able to move in ASAP.

I'm very laid back & respectful; I think I'd be a phenomenal fit for the room.

I'm sure everyone writes that, but I'm actually telling the truth.

Please call me on my cell at [phone number omitted] anytime.


I emailed him from work, and he called me on my cell phone 5 minutes later. I'm still living there. I *was* a good fit.