Saturday, August 22, 2009

Text message log from Hawai'i!

I'm here and having a blast. Stupid text message thingy is full and I have to erase it now.

That's not a bad thing unless they're not really gay. Keep your wits about you.

[picture of drive thru menu]
Faiol: "Picture menus available at window."'''But how do they read it?

Jesus may be for reform. But the Jesus Bus followers are for gigantic signs and reminding us that we are fornicators.

is that what that burning sensation is?

kitten purchased. in car.

Fun? Alcohol? Debauchery? Perhaps pineapple? Who knows?
Dost thou cup over runneth?
Has thoust drunk in abundance this evening?
7 shots is my guess.

not too much gold in this batch unfortunately.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

txt msg log, July/27/09 - Aug/09/09

Home from a party but i want to do this so i can erase my inbox...

July begins again

Jeff: Candace, Your organizing skills around bowling are impeccable.

Rhett: Yes, yes it has. I'm a little blury and bowling. After tonight I've got Tuesdays free again.
hint hint.

Joshua H: Fucked up night at work drunk!

Rhett: That's so syncronously sweet.
Rhett: The gods have smiled on u.

Jill: Will you text when you get home okay?
Ps. wow. how did michael get so wasted?

Rhett: One trip to serra bowl a week is my limit.
Rhett: Careful, philipinos can be dangerous.

Alex: I might be fucked up on rum.

Alex: That blows, fire a red flare.
Alex: Shit, the rescue plane was shot down. A flare hit it.

Schuyler: Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure. That's coo. Accomplish things.

Gail: That's ok. If u weren't drunk I don't think [your niece]would b able 2 recognize u anyway.

Rhett: Yeah, crack whores.

Gail: I haz problems.

Jeff: You want some? I can bring it, but I'll probably eat most on the plane. Any I don't eat, I'm going to sell for $10.00/eggroll. What would you rather have as a passenger? Nuts or Lumpia? I should charge more.

Alex: I am recovering from last night.

Alex: I just realized "kinkos" is one letter off "kinky"

Oliver: You have a father?

Brittany: I'm disappointed in u.


Alex: I just acquired scattergories. You are consumed with jealousy.

Schuyler: Cops can go crooked sometimes.

August 9. inbox erased, here we go again!