Wednesday, July 29, 2009


wow, got to go to trivia tonight with two people that I haven't seen since I got let go from my job =)

It was amazing. 3 of us sharing a bucket of crappy beers followed by me buying a pitcher of blue moon. Not my favorite but one that I saw right away =)

Fun times!

Monday, July 20, 2009

More txt msgs!

It's just getting ridiculous how many txts i get now that i have a phone that's more suited to me SENDING them...I used to only do these blogs whenever it filled up. On the last one it was around the 700 mark...

Jay: I'm fighitng it hy getting drunk?again...

me: My roommate thinks you're like us, you know...intelligent.
Ron: LOL, he has been fooled!

One night:
Brittany: Drunnnnnnklkkk
Rhett: Druunnk
Brittany: You should meet us @ boardroom in 60 mins
Brittany: I'm at visuvios
Brittany: Rhett's House
Brittany: U took 2 long biatches
Brittany: Wanna smoke hookah?
end night

Kevin: I think it should become an expression of failure: "ah, this phonebank is so webinar"

Bernadette: That's nerdtastically hot!

Liz: It's Liz! pink is the new black by the way

Alex: So...Susan's numbah? Please?
Alex: Apparently that was NOT susan's number...

Oliver: your text was tops c-dizz

Brittany: Damn biych, I didn't know u could run!!!!

David: Quit looking at your phone and GET TO WORK

Gail: Aw. Tee Dis and bridget bonding over tattoos.

Alex: I can't tell if this is a gay bar or a hip bar in a gay city. Either way I'm gettin mad checked out.

Kate: You want to talk @ TOTALLY unfair? The Doctor Who panel is at the same time as the meet n' greet w the Mythbusters!

Same Night:
Rhett: Druuuuunk
Rhett: Fucked up. Whateves. Got nothing on u.
Rhett: I try. Ur in the right city. Don't panic. Just ur thing.
Rhett: I have no idea what we are talking about.
end night

Thursday, July 9, 2009

It rhymes with "Candice"

The following words are uncommon enough in everyday language that I always think people are saying my name or talking about me:


Everyday phrase that can sometimes make me look up:
"Can this?"

This has been a public service announcement.