Thursday, October 30, 2008

RickRollin its way to the top!

Ron: omg
Ron: hahaha

Ron: i can't stop laughing

me: at what
Ron: ok so
Ron: mtv

Ron: launched this website where they posted all the music videos they have license to

me: oh yeah i heard about that
Ron: so it's like youtube for music
me: yep
Ron: check out what's the most top rated video

[candice clicks & sees this:]


(frame of reference)
Ron: hahahah
Ron: oh man
Ron: that's gunna be number 1 forever

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

comic is back.

well, by back i mean i posted something. Who knows, the next one might be in another 2 years. That seems to be the pattern. And for some reason, it's always in October.

You can see the entire comic and all its glory at Absence of Motive (what this blog was named after in the first place)

He was bored. I had to work.

(btw, this is not Matt the Nemesis.)

Matt: i'm bored
Matt: payroll is done
me: oh that must be nice
me: wanna call this angry client for me?
Matt: definitely
Matt: who is it
me: sweet
me: Lemme give you his number

[20 minutes later]

me: i just did it

me: i ddin't think you were actually going to do it
Matt: you didn't even give me a chance
me: good point
me: lemme give you more angry clients
Matt: k
Matt: rdy
me: just kidding dude
me: i got this
Matt: listen
me: i always got this
Matt: i know you're afraid i'll take your job
Matt: since i'm so good
me: ......that's EXACTLY it

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I just wanted a salad, not an adrenalin rush.

So to the three of you who have been following my blog (thanks, btw), this post combines a couple (and by a couple I mean "several", and by "several" I really mean 4) things I've been blogging about lately.

1. Running
2. The Marina
3. Internal Dialogue
4. My Nemesis

I was walking with Bernadette in the Marina (explanation: I've been running along the Marina Green with her a few times a week...[explanation to the explanation: she made me do it at first and now I like it, okay?])...ahem. anyway.

I was walking with Bernadette in the Marina after our run towards this place that serves up pretty delicious salads. We jay walk (rebels), and out of the corner of my eye I see this red pickup truck start backing up and then stop and pull back into the driveway. I think nothing of it at the time.

Soooo we're walking down the sidewalk, with a lot of room to our left because we're respectful..and this DOUCHEBAG walks past me and totally checks me in the shoulder from behind and rudely says "EXCUSE ME".

The next half a second felt like 10 minutes to me, and my mind goes into full analysis self-talk mode:

[begin internal dialogue]

me1: Mother !@(*$* Marina fucking douchebag
me2: Fucking chode
me3: !!!

me1: Tense it up, I'm gonna punch this guy.
me2: Or at least yell at him.

me3: Maybe it's not worth it?
me1 & me2: WHAT?
me3: Maybe..well, we're tired, we just ran. Let's just forget it and get salad.

me1: Oh, she's turning toward him.
me2: Did we just shoot lasers out of our eyes or was that my imagination?
me3: We still have time we do NOT have to make eye contact.

[Makes eye contact]

me1: What the, wait..why can't I talk
me2: Why..wait...what the fuck?
me1 & me2 & me3: WE KNOW HIM!

[end internal dialogue]

And low and behold, it is Matt. My Nemesis. From work.

Apparently, he was already in his car when he had seen me and decided that he wanted to mess with me. Kudos to him. He was actually pretty proud of himself, asking "Did I get you?"

No blood was spilled tonight. It's his turf. And I wanted a salad.

Apparently my nemesis lives in the Marina.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i love RENT

The original cast on stage with the last cast. =*(

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I love my job. I really. really. Really. RLY do.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i hope they love me when they're sober.

friend: don
friend: t
friend: as
friend: kl
me: WHAT
me: are you drunk?
friend: don't ask dont tell
friend: hahah
me: hahhaha
friend: its dark
me: heh
friend: sorry
me: whatever
friend: i love you
me: haha
me: how drunk are you now
friend: shut up
friend: just a little

the joys of non-cubicle life

[Candice opens an evite]
[Kadecia pings Candice out of nowhere]

Kadecia: I'll go to that karaoke party with you!

me: what karaoke party?
me: are you looking over my shoulder?

Kadecia: I just see things

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Iron Man Concept Art

I'm in love with Concept Art. I'm actually trying to become a better concept artist myself...I mean at one point it was exactly what I wanted to do with my life.

I have an issue of Imagine FX featuring this, but I haven't actually cracked it open. I love the movie, I finally saw it on DVD the other day. The last time I saw it was the midnight showing the thursday night before it opened..hehe.

Iron Man Design Art

Monday, October 13, 2008

random knowledge drop: Piggy Banks

I tend to look up random things when I'm either talking about it or get really curious about it.

I was curious about the origin of piggy banks.

Thank you wikipedia!

Interesting note, I did NOT realize that they weren't originally shaped like pigs. The term came from the clay that it was using, "pygg". It's like my eyes have been opened.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

awww. Weatherman's on-air proposal.

So he works for a competing news station. The look on her face is she somehow thinks he's on there to sabotage them.

Although I'm not your typical girl, I'm allowed to get all "awwwwww"-y when there's a proposal like this, okay?

Friday, October 10, 2008

What happened at the end of Trading Places?

I present to you, the tail end of what I do on my lunchbreak sometimes.

Trading Places
No, not the show about remodeling...
The Oscar Nominated badass 80s movie.

So, with the economy taking a downturn...I suddenly thought to myself "I wonder if anyone online can explain to me exactly what happened at the end of Trading Places

You know, the famous scene at the end where they somehow manage to become millionaires off of Orange Juice?

Thank god for the internet, 'cause this guy figured it out!!!

Trading Places: How Winthorpe and Valentine Pulled It Off

Pumpkin doesn't go with Tecate...

Dude, i swear to god some people are so creative.
This has to be one of the best jack-o-lanterns i have ever seen.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

ome. "What if I'm not the hero, what if I'm the bad guy"

found out a lot of people are doing this online. It stands for "Oh My Edward".

Spoiler alert, if you're planning to read the book or are in the middle of it don't click this trailer, it gives away a lot.

Twilight HD Exclusive Trailer

Second-hand Dino Convo

My roomie Josh shared this little gem of an IM with me:

someone sent me a link once
i dunno if you saw it
it was a dude dressed as a terradactyle
basically dinosaur porn
what the
no I didn't see it

After doing some googling that I was afraid might not be safe for work (NSFW for all you kids that are "with it") I found this post

...the people on are weird.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Oh man. So I hated running before. I went out for the 4th time tonight and ran pretty hard...I'm getting better at it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

6:42 am = internal struggle.

So I ran last night (still a beginner). This caused me to fall into one of the deepest sleeps I've had in a long time.

I usually wake up at 7:15am to get to work, and I naturally woke up, groggily looked at my phone, and realized it was 6:42am.

I closed my eyes and this internal dialogue happened within the confines of my mind:

me1: F*CK it's 6:42!
me2: Is it really 6:42...are we dreaming again?
me3: Like that time that we overslept 'cause we totally dreamt we got ready and got on the bus?
me2: yeah I hate that. That's happened way too many times.
me2: Wait, I wanna make sure it's not 6:42 PM and we missed a whole day of work??
me3: OMIGOD did we do that did we do that double check double check!!!

[body opens eyes, checks cell phone time, affirms it with a look outside the window, and closes eyes]

me2: Yes. It's 6:42 am. We're good.

me3: ....well I think that our mind woke us up for a reason...
me2: Yeah! wanna...go...running??! We've always wanted to try a morning r-
me2: I'm just saying that maybe we should star-

me2: ...
me3: ...
me1: !

me3: *I* thought it was a good idea...
me2: thanks..

me1: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I slipped back into sleep and woke back up at 7:35.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

twilight saga

so just an update to this blog about my initial addiction

I finished all 4 of the books, and have even read the first chapter of the next manuscript that may or may not be happening. This thing has caused me to lose sleep and I've even dreamed about this book.

And I do not regret it one bit.

I can't wait for the movie. I will see this movie alone if I have to.

Terminator 4: Rise of the WiFi

Hotspots are dangerous.

me: if the wifi is on
me: it can look for it for a while
sister: oh, we better let dad know that
sister: how do i turn it off? i should check that
sister: i turned the wifi off
me: cool
sister: you know, that's how the machines take over the world in terminator
sister: you should always turn the wifi off

Detention is his Kryptonite.

Thanks to sid for this:
A super way to get detention

If High School Candice knew what 25-year old Candice knows now, I think I would have spent more time in detention and be proud of it...wasted years being a goodie-two-shoes.

search google back in '01

I can't sleep. So i've revived my comic (working on it, had to go to my hotmail account *shudder*)

But i found this beauty of a thing:
Search Google's Oldest Index

It's pretty cool. I searched my name and found some musical that i forgot i was in.

I also did a couple shitload of searches that would have meant nothing back then:
-making home improvements easier.

flickr -internet freedom rally.

-i don't care how big you are now, that's gotta hurt on some level.
emo -there's an emo, ontario??
yelp -faq, how do i register my pet?
"social networking"
"miley cyrus"...yeah i really did that one...what was she, like...7 at the time?

On a more serious note, this index was done in January 2001, so I was curious about the following:
"September 11"

Interesting, huh? It's like a mini little geek time capsule.