Monday, May 26, 2008

back in sf

I love hawai'i. I miss hawai'i. I miss my family.

But I went to a bar in the Castro tonight after I came in at 9pm..

and you gotta love a city where the night of my return this dude in a gay bar comes up to me and offers me $200 to sleep with his friend.

wow. just wow.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Back in Hawai'i!

Man. I am a mainland girl out here.

It's not so bad, compared to how freaking hot it was in the bay area on thursday....

So far, I have had Zippy's Chili, Spam for breakfast, Poke from costco, Boba Tea from Shirokiya, an Ensemada from Saint Germains...and it's only been like a day and a half.

Oh yeah and i bought a charger for my work know..that um....has a flexible return policy.

Just saying

Friday, May 9, 2008

SF Rite of Passage: Giants @ AT&T Park

We don't have any professional sports in hawai'i.

we had a minor league before i was born.

and one of those arena football leagues....and that died too.

And I had been to 1 (one) exhibition padres game in high school that i wrote all over my body for.

So how stoked was I when my coworker/friend Katie invited me to a Giants game tonight!?!

I love dressing the part, so on the way there i totally scored a sweet black and orange "San Francisco" generic track jacket for $20. It's actually pretty good, imma sport it in hawai'i next week.

So we sat in the bleachers...surrounded by hot guys. These are awesomely funny guys too, and I think it took them a while to realize that I'm how I am.

So we're yelling at each other, sharing churros, teasing these stupid chicks who wore short shorts and are super cold...

and then at one point during the 7th inning when it got really boring...they were throwing nuts at each other.

So i kept saying shit like "I hope none of that hits don't wanna make me mad"

And then the Chex throwing guy was all like "aw, it's okay" and i go "try it. try it"

and he cracks up and i yell

"Let's Chex Mix it up, BITCH!" and OMG i had like 5 bleachers CRACKING UP so bad!! I got high fives I was crying i was laughing at myself so hard.

man the shit i come up with sometimes.

anyway, it was really fun. of course the giants lost.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Waiting for the bus.

No, i dont have an iphone so no I am not posting this while waiting for the bus.

however, I am posting this from home after an excruciatingly long wait time.

Perceived Time = Time_waitingforbus*HOWFUCKINGCOLDITIS

That wasn't as elegant as I had hoped, but i'm currently trying to regain feeling in my fingers.

Random nice guy note, I was waiting for the 1, and this cute guy with a cute accent of unknown european origin comes up to me (this is candice w/ the hood & ipod on, i.e. unapproachable candice) and says something to the effect of "Are you waiting for the bus? because there's a huge power failure on Van Ness and some busses are stopped"..

so sweet the randomness of people sometimes.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

*sigh* you caught me looking at LOLCATS

but srsly, I could not stop laughing at this one

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