Sunday, April 19, 2009


It was a beautiful day & I was heading out to play some sloshball with friends in the park. Preparations:

me1: So we're going with the tanktop then?

me2: Yeah.
me3: Yep, sounds like a plan.

me2: Do you think we should put sunscreen on?
me1: Good idea! We've gotten sunburned on the shoulders before, let's apply it there.
me3: Yeah, the shoulders for sure, that's our problem spot.
me1: And we've got that everyday stuff that we use for our face, let's make sure we use that.
me2: Totally logical. Into it.

me3: What about the front?
me1 & me2: Wait, what?
me3: You know, this shirt shows off our clavicle area as well as the top of our chest...maybe we should put some there
me1: Oh, nah. Why? We never get sunburned there...
me2: Nah.
me3: It'll take like TWO sec-
me2: ..........naaaaaaaah.
me1: Dude, we're already late. Let's go.

[At the end of the day]

me3: This sunburn sucks. You guys suck.
me1 & me2: Shut up, we have the same body. We're suffering too.