Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pride Day #2

Oh man my feet hurt, walking around in my boots is not as comfortable after about a mile.

I got to don my goth outfit again + the red & black fairy wings I bought yesterday. fishnets, how I missed thee.

So today was the parade day of the pride festivities, which means a ton more people at the civic center too. More alleys and booths and what not too.

Because i gathered most of the schwag yesterday, today i only obtained a Virgin Airlines "SFOXOXOXO" shirt, which I thought was adorable.

All of these cute tshirts are going to come in handy since i just bought this tshirt cutting book.

Two highlights of the day:

Ah, the infamous Leather Alley. The biggest part of the alley is the tarped-off area.
Last year, I didn't go into the mysterious tarped-off area, though I'm not exactly sure why. I did see someone just masturbating in the middle of the street in the open so maybe I thought it wasn't that important to go inside of the tent and see more.

This year, Tobi & I definitely checked it out. I'm glad they didn't allow cameras or else I would have taken way too many pictures of everything. I was quite impressed with how professional and classroom-like the atmosphere was, not just a gawkfest.

Ended up dancing right above Leather Alley to some really good(well I liked it) industrial music.

Asian-Pacific-Islander stage. I really think this is because they don't know where to lump Filipinos so they say "Asian/Pacific Islander"

Anyway, some of my friends were performing in the drag show, and I must say it was one of the most entertaining things I have ever had to stand in the cold to witness. I was laughing, cheering, and riled up!

Margaret Cho was there for a bit, and she is FINE now. She musta lost a lot of weight. She is fierce, and apparently gay men love her.

So compared to yesterday, today was very uneventful. It was still really fun and I ended up spending like 5 hours of my life there, so it was fun!

Pride Day #1!

Today was such a fabulous day i have to blog about it before i forget everything that we did.

So tobi came over last night and is currently crashing on my couch for Pride Weekend!

ZOMG we did a lot today.

Here is a quick breakdown:

1st, Candice had one of those realistic nightmares, meaning I didn't wake up until 10am. Woke up, showered, and prepared to go to Civic Center for the Pride festivities.

Arrived at O'Farrell and Van Ness. Distracted by Books, Inc.

(dude i really want some cap'n crunch right now)


Then we went to Pride festivities near the Civic Center. Since it had JUST opened up there was barely anyone there, and tobi and i kept getting the schwag that people ended up waiting for in line later on (whoo hoo!)
Free stuff obtained:
-Me not Meth tshirt
-Dante's Cove sampler DVD
-2 tickets to the alameda county fair (anyone either want these tix or want to go)
-AT&T Tshirt that says "Call from the Pride Parade, sound like you're in the closet" (haha)
-Full deck of Playing Cards (apparently Reno has a pride day too)
-Obama Pride Sticker
-Got Sperm? Sticker
-Library card (details below)

Tobi made out with that PLUS he got a couple of bags.

I also bought 3 5733 tshirts for $30. Bargain bin.
After noticing that their booth was in front of the public library, I decided to go get a library card.
Yes you heard right I GOT A LIBRARY CARD. FUCK YEAH. It's a fancy decorative one PLUS i have one for my keychain. I rule.

Since I hadn't eaten breakfast, we found this place on yelp and ended up running into it accidentally. I forgot what it's called but it's this AMAZING vegetarian restaurant on the corner of grove and market.

Then i bought a sticker that has a zelda nintendo cartridge on it and it says BLOW ME. serious. yes, I'll show it to you sometime.

Tobi found out that one of his favorite DJs was playing at Temple, so he offered to buy me a ticket so that we could BOTH go and party all night long.

I also bought some black and red fairy wings in anticipation of TOMORROW's festivities, which should be even crazier.
Thinking I was going to go home right after this, I didn't think too hard about this purchase.

I ended up carrying it for the next few HOURS.

So Tobi and I were walking up Van Ness back to Geary for the mighty 38. I see the ad for Wall-E and make a comment about how we should go see it.

Tobi agrees, then I realize it's gonna be hella full since it's opening weekend. We go in to see what else is playing, and I realize that KUNG FU PANDA is playing in like 4 minutes.

Tobi buys my ticket (tobi was buying stuff for me all day awww)
And we see Kung Fu Panda!! It ruled, but we were definitely in the "hey let's bring our rude and noisy kids who talk about the movie real loud and you cant tell them to shut up because the other parents will shun you pride-sticker-wearing motherfuckers"

FYI they're making High School Musical 3 for the big screen. About time they figure out they can milk that cow for even more lucious milk.

So after the movie's over, we go "great break, let's head home".
I notice it's almost 5, and since my OTHER birthday celebrating friend was having a bar crawl that started at that time on Polk Street, I call him up to see if he's already there. he is.
After some clever iPhoning, we realize the bar he's at is 1.1 miles away.

Wings in hand, we hoof it.

However, there are tons of distractions along Polk. I'm talking walgreens, secondhand shops, and oh yes, the distraction of them all Good Vibrations.

Realizing this could just be the most brilliant birthday gift to my friend ever, Tobi and I run on in.

I must say, the customer service in this sex shop is well above what is expected. i had been in here once before, but man this time around they were really friendly.
"What kind of gift would you like to get him?"
"Does he like bondage?"
"You can hook up your iPod to it" (yes people this is real. It's like the vibrator for geek girls)

After playing certain HR Violation scenarios that might have arisen from giving my coworker/friend this gift, I decide that I should just buy him a beer when we get to the bar.

1.1 miles and about an hour of distraction of Polk Street later, we arrive at the


I arrive, and am the only worker there so far. I'm half an hour late to the start.

I meet all his friends, and I high five every single one of them with my patented solid high fives. They're virtual bowling, and apparently my high fives cause strikes.

Buy Brendan a beer. Talk about good vibrations with the only other girl there to the absolute entertainment of the other boys around.

Kelsey arrives with her Feed Bag from Whole Foods so of COURSE since I'm in love with it Tobi is also in love with it 'cause we both rule like that.

So we find out the nearest Whole Foods is also conveniently on the 1 line back home anyway. So I close out my tab and we after grabbing a muni to take us the blocks we just walked, we eventually find ourselves in

So we figure out quickly that we suddenly don't want dinner from here and would rather just go to a restaurant, so we beeline it for the Feed bags. I debate buying one for my little sister and sending it back to Hawai'i (no whole foods there), bud decide against it for at least this two week time period.

After debating what to eat, we eventually settle on

Definitely one of my favorite restaurants, and so happy that it's in my neighborhood. Usually I come here for just brunch...but ended up here for dinner tonight.

Here Tobi and I make the plan for the rest of the night (yeah, the sun is STILL at this time people).
We're gonna go to my place, rest for a bit, get dolled up and then go back to Temple where 92.7's Queen is taking place.

Food is delish.
Get back home. Go to buy tix online for queen..and of course It's SOLD OUT.

Of course! Everything that day had been going amazingly, why not throw a wrench? After a couple of minutes of debate..we decide to do the unthinkable.
To go to the one place that everyone IS going. The place where it's stupid to go on pride night.

BUT because this is Tobi's Birthday Weekend, and he's Gay, AND it happens to also be Pride Weekend...

We go to the

I will admit. I didn't think it was going to be that massive. I thought there'd be a lot of people in the bars there, like Haight at Halloween time.

I didn't realize that they'd close off the street and that there'd be a SEA of people already waiting for us to party with them when we got there.

Shared a cab with Josh. Got dropped off at the top top...and oh. my. god.

IT WAS AWESOME. SHEER AWESOME. So many people! So many colors!

And every hot guy there was gay so no pressure!
Although within 5 minutes of me navigating through the crowd I had a guy come up to me and just fondle my breast. I'm not talking accidental "Whoops i just touched your boob" but straight up squeezing to see if I'm real. The last time I went to the Castro,something similarly "wow" happened, but that was mostly verbal. I look back at the guy and start laughing, assuming he's gay, and i go back and start doing the same thing to his chest. He looks like he's enjoying it, so I suddenly get suspicious, and then his gay friend leans in and goes "um, he's hetero..haha"

Good times.

Tobi and I brave it all the way to the front and center of the DJ stage, and it is PACKED. It's like metallica concert moshpit packed. And unfortunately not everyone there is respecting one another, it's definitely not like a hawaii concert.

But it is hella fun. We end up dancing from the minute we get there to the time the party is shut down at midnight due to lameness.

We run for our bus that happens to be there, but end up walking to Dolores Park
I hail a cab (thank GOD that was hard) and we head home.

where i sit blogging about this.

Tomorrow morning's going to be even crazier with the pride parade and everything. I look forward to wearing my goth outfits again, haven't put them on in seriousness in years.

Goodnight blogland! Today was one of the most eventful days of my life. If i had planned this stuff, I probably wouldn't have gotten them done. I love random days. Today I kinda wanted to be a lesbian just so I could be *extra* proud.
C'est le vie, just gotta be straight I guess.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dynamic Skyscrapers

Shape Changing Skyscrapers
This looks cool, but unfortunately I could never live in one due to my vertigo.

Although I can imagine how fun a party would be in one.

Helpful friends.

I got a call at 1:33am PST this morning (which was 10:33pm Hawai'i Time) from my friend Jacqui who is apparently very helpful.

I was writing a song for tonight's open mic.

Begin Message:
"Hey Candice I came up with things that rhyme with "vibrator"

Cheese grater



End Message.

So seriously, there's a lot of material there.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

makin music

7-hour jam really long breaks either. It was incredible, I haven't played my bass in like 2 years and it was really fun.

my fingers hurt when i type though.

worth it.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

couldn't sleep so i made a new header

took me way too long playing with putting faces in there...among other things. i decided to go with simple

Credit to Jellyka Nerevan for the font. Since I am NOT making any money off this blog whatsoever i can use it....

Friday, June 20, 2008

My lunch told through txts

11:41am Hey I just parked in front of Gold Club.

12:13pm Boobs every where help.

Gold Club is a pretty popular spot for lunch on Fridays. You can get an all you can eat buffet for $5 entry fee.

Oh and it's a strip club. Where women dance nekkie.

And tobi's a gay male. I am a salesperson.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Company outings are fun.

So after the last txt msg one..which was the most popular post to date with a whopping 4 comments..
my older sis tells me i should start a drunk post blog.

and then i was like, "isn't that what this is?"

and pointed her in the direction of the drunk post label (now in the spiffy new label cloud, woot to Eric!)

And then I was like, wait, do I drunk post that much?

ps. I'm drunk. Right. Now.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The HUGE txt msg log.

I am currently at 816 txt msgs in my inbox. As one would guess, my phone is working REALLY slowly right now.

There's some funny shit in there, so I didn't want to erase it 'til i blogged it in some shape or form.

So here it is. Some of it's out of context...and that's the way I like 'em.

Oldest first:
October '07
Kate K:
pic msg of Boba Fett, "I want, $325 :("

Yes. Foxtail v kite. Fight of the century.

My sister:
My prof talks like the priest from princess bride. With a chinese accent. For some reason I want to kill him.

I knew the Goth chick in u would freak

This is the drunkest text I've ever read.

John: (from my living room couch)
Want to say goodbye but I don't know which room is yours LOL!

Eric: pic msg of an entombed rattlesnake
What does your boss bring in from home?

Older Sister: pic msg of my niece falling asleep for the first time on her own

Little Sister:
You're a WTF. White Typical Filipino. Ha ha ha.

Marry, fuck or kill: Aunt Jemima, the Pillsbury Doughboy, or the Oscar Meyer Weiner Guy...

December '07

Eric: no txt, just a picture of him celebrating the UH win when I was in Hawai'i and he was in San Jose.

Mom: (actually it was my little sister txting from her phone, my mom doesn't know what txts are)
Hi, you're my favorite daughter.

My little sister:
OMG you SO write slash type like how we talked crap about.

Where r u, Bitch!

-Ok. Good job. Stollbpn for a movie tmr?
-(next morning) Wow. I was fucked up. Totally don't remember this txt conversatoin. 4:00 Juno?

Felic Navidad!

-No thanks. I'm on day 2 of a hangover anyway.
-me too.
-I have not felt like this since 21st bday. No Idea what happened.
-I'm having the worst hangover of my life. If you told me killing a kitten right now would help I would do it.
-Candice, killing the RIGHT kitten will help.
-Shit. It must have been the wrong kitten.

January '08

During the Sugar Bowl:
Colt Brennan Sucks!
My little sister:
-That's okay. Hopefully someone gets punched. I hope the GA team gets gonorrhea from their cheerleaders.
-Oh and joel says the GA QB is one chromosome away from down syndrome.

Simpsons movie worse the 2nd time.

-That's not english!
-I have no idea what u r talking about, but I can tell you have been drinking

Chris K:
I'm a douchebag!

Febuary '08

My little sister: picture of the huge back tattoo she just got..
"Don't kill me."

Me wantee drinkee.

fuckin wondercon craziness woohoo

Time to shoot your engineers! Site is down again!!

I just scored a bubble umbrella! Take that rain!

U r so coming in costume tomorrow.

Lil Sis:
So me and mom are at cpk and we ordered a salad and a pizza. And the waitress was like did you want the salad to come out first or did you want them to come out at the same time? And mom just did her stare and said it comes with a salad?!
I was like MOM! We ORDERED a salad!

"Hey Dirty! Baby I got ya money Dont u worry!" -O.D.B.

Just thought you'd like to know the new roomie cleaned out the microwave.

March '08

Word. H4x0rz up n00bs down.

Lil Sis: pic msg of her burger king kids club card from like 10 years ago.

Paul C:
This is the best creme egg in the history of the universe. You've made up for the Bon Jovi mistake earlier.

Lil sis:
And at your white trash party dont forget to chew gum with your mouth open.

and i just broke it scrollin through

Holy shit. my only advice is don't kill anybody.

lil sis:
Mom seriously jacked two holy waters when the priest said take one. Seriously, it's not the holy grail.

Yarr i do but i have movie plans with a friend who's in town. plus apparently your text was an hour and a half ago.

Yup I love it tobi in the city of hot bois well there better be. I want clam chowder.

Love you drunky.
Get up and get in bed mother fucker (apparently I was on the ground)

April '08

So Brittany just saw her first metal show.

you rule.

I just heard this gay guy say "girl you do NOT let your faghag get that drunk. That's gay boyfriend 101!" and then we walked past nizario's pizza and saw a girl fall off her seat. Her gay bf caught her though.

Nah i'm trying to quit, it's cutting into my cocaine money

Lil sis
Im gonna kill ticketmaster

Brendan: picmsg of Papyrus

Watch out for stray quickenings.

Brendan: picmsg of papyrus
Its in my parents house!!!

lil sis studying in the law library:
OMG it's weird in here. Like all the desks are taken. There are books and picture frames on the desks but no one sitting there. Almost like the seats are assigned or everyone marked their territory or something
Of like their babies or significant others. It was weird. Like how you walk intoa n office full of grad student desks. Messy too.
I left! There was NO where to sit. And it was weird. Like different place weird.

Tell Rhett I always kinda wanted to do him too. Sorry Tom.

May '08

older sis:
Buy chinese dress? Cross fingers not racist? haha. Was going 2 ask u 2 buy anyway regardless. Firm believer crossing fingers acceptable method 2 clear soul.

What's the flower for being a bad ass motherfucker?


Brendan: Picmsg of Papyrus bumper sticker saying "Create the World You Want To see"
How about a world without papyrus?

Thanks for coming last night! It really means a lot. I woke up picking bills off the floor and trying to remember what happened. Like Memento without the Tattoos.

Your a bad person
honestly I'm too drunk to provide legal advice. I say go for it.

Lol. isn't it a lil early to be drinking?

I'm making spam loco moco for dindin. Jealous?

Are we going to be dino twins? You wear brontosaurus?

Take off my socks. Ooh baby baby

June '08

Guh. I went to whole foods and there was so much papyrus . I almost fainted.

Okay done.
That took an HOUR and a HALF. jesus. Erasing phone now. Feels good.

Rhett wanted to put his side of the story. And since he has an iPhone, here's his side. I leave it up to you to put the pieces in the right place. It's part of the fun

rhettg said...

Those texts are decidedly one sided.... where is the OUTBOX Candice!!!

Candice: Devo! Whip it! i font know how but I got in

Candice: Drunk


Candice: Buzzd

Candice: Totally drunk at YOUR APARTMENT

Candice: Is it illegal to play with a baby while intoxicated

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

i went to a tequila graduation tonight

and i haven't drunk as much tequila ever in one night as i did tonight.

so i'm pretty gone. and it's a different kind of gone.

so my friend aaron now has a "master of tequila" given to him by THE Ambassador to the US of Tequila.i. shit you not.

okay i'm going to go pass out now.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

oh, the irony

so, the tv is finally gone.

I hadn't told all my roommates this.

So during the movie tonight i get a txt msg from one of them I'm assuming right after he got home:

"Awwww. That sucks. And I just bought a PS3"

Monday, June 9, 2008

Video Flashback: Kenny Lattimore - For You ..+ awesome cover i found

Okay so i thought a bit bout whether or not i should put this up.

Not too many people really know this song, it's one of those songs that when i first heard it i was just entranced by the guy's voice + lyrics + melody.

Kenny Lattimore - For You

The guy's voice is just.......dayum.

I know. I know. I KNOW. it's such a sappy love song. but if people can have coke as a bad habit, can i please have 90s love songs. please. thanks.

I was also SUPER impressed by this kid's cover. Looks like he did it for another girl. Aw. internet love. remember those?

Video Flashback: Eve 6 - Inside Out

Eve 6 automatically reminds me of my first high school, when i stopped wearing nike branded jackets and started figuring out that i belong in the goodwill shopping crew. the bright colored videos...the singing. i remember this is when i was dressing super alterna.

This was a good time

Inside Out
"So Cali's where my mind states/ but it's not my state of mind"
This is extra funny now that I live here.

So emo: "Or am i origami, folded up and just pretend"
You can't make this shit up. Wait, I guess *he* did.

and you have to love a song that starts with "I burn burn like a wicker cabinet"

Wicker cabinet indeed.

Video Flashback: Stabbing Westward Overload

They don't allow embedding, and the best quality is of course SonyBmg's files.

So here you go. I was really feeling them tonight.

Save Yourself
"If I must be lonely, I think I'd rather be . alone."

What Do I Have To Do
"If I can't make you love me just tell me what do I have to do to forget about you"

Sometimes It Hurts
"6 o'clock in the morning, my head is ready to explode"

man i love this shit.

the way i speak now.

So even in hawai'i all my friends used to say i sounded "haole" (pronounced how-lee), which pretty much means mainlander..or white...but mainly mainlander. It's actually not really a racial slur, you can call your friend that in an endearing way.

Anyway, i hung out with my friend who was in the ICS department with me in college..he's up here from LA for a developers' conference.

So i start talking, and he looks at me with the most curious face.

and i go "what?"
and he goes "Holy shit, you're full-on Haole now".


Sunday, June 8, 2008

bfd quick thoughts

the whole time i was at bfd i was gaining fodder for a blog post & future storytellings.

Well i'm too tired right now. So i will say this:

it was hot, they should put a schedule up before hand, and I fell asleep on caltrain AND on muni on the way home.

I also decided to draw for 2hours for no known reason..and am now going to sleep.

will post drawing later.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I couldn't sleep. So i did a quick sketch on the computer.

i call it "purple"

Friday, June 6, 2008

Seven Deadly Sins of Drinking

I realized a while ago that I'm in love with art series. Like I came across this photo series of sexy zodiac representations that i can't find now.
I also love to draw in series..i think it makes everything else make sense, and it's probably from my animation background where you're not just drawing one image, but you're creating a concept using several hundred connected images.

Anyway that's leading to this:
Seven Deadly Sins of Drinking

I'm a sucker for things that come in 7. I want this.

And i also want friends to act out each one.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

random poem

so um. i haven't published a poem of mine in a while. but i wrote a quick one tonight that i really felt.

I sit here with my
head in my hands

because I think that I might...
finally feel
(finally feeling *anything*)

for someone I can't

feel anything for.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

2 amazing things happened today

1. Barack Obama clinched the nomination.
2. I got home before the sun went down on a weekday night.